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19:36, 7 October 2020 (UTC)

Last year, Trollpedia was the victim of vandalism, one example being the article on MaximilianMus which caught some vandal's eyes who then decided to vandalize it twice. He was quickly stopped, but that would not end there. Later on, the wiki would see another wave of vandalism. It was vandalized by trolls so severely that we decided to implement the moderation extension and make use of the Abuse Filter, all thanks to Renfamous because she was so angry to know that a wiki dedicated an article on her for her questionable online behavior.

However, nowadays we still receive less than favorable attempts at vandalism. We had to block several IP addresses for removing content from pages or adding spam.

Attempted vandalism on FuturisticHub's article[edit source]

The abuse filter already does most of the job for us as evidenced by the screenshots. This anonymous user, whom we presume was FuturisticHub since he had a past of vandalism, attempted to modify the article on FuturisticHub to make him look good

He tried once, he received a warning, he tried again and he received the ban hammer directly sent out by the abuse filter.

Angry comment from CyberRobotnix[edit source]

Another troll, who is also a massive fan of the wiki, threatened to DDoS Miraheze unless we delete his article. Nothing happened and we did not receive anymore notice about that very specific article, neither from Miraheze nor CyberRobotnix, therefore, we can conclude that was an empty threat.

The anonymous user outright claimed to be CyberRobotnix himself, unlike the other IP address.

Creating spammy pages[edit source]

Not including the spambots who advertise their content to third-party sites, there was one troll who seemed to have a hate-boner for Netflix as evidenced by the screenshot provided below.

An anonymous user tried to create two articles, one titled "Netflix" and another one titled "List of trolling companies" which were both rejected through the use of the extension moderation and the troll was promptly banned afterward. They blasted the wiki on their talk page after they were blocked for spamming said wiki.

It turns out that their antics ran rampant on Wikimedia Commons where they vandalized another user's talk page and, surprisingly enough, they registered an account on the website instead of remaining an IP user.

Other examples of vandalism[edit source]

  • Someone attempted to blank the article on Griffin Gaming, but the abuse filter did its job.
  • Someone attempted to remove content from the article on PrettyUglyLittleLiars, but moderation held them back.
  • Someone with two different IPs (Or two different anonymous users) tried to add alt-right dogwhistles to the article on CatboyKami, the first IP was simply rejected with no ban because it was unknown whether they made the edit in bad faith or not. The user replaced "White-Nationalist troll" on the article with "Based troll". The second IP concerned added this block of text following a paragraph of the article "Kami is a giga chad with an outstanding 16 inch black hammer". It was clearly written to be inflammatory, so the user was promptly banned.
  • Someone added false information on Blackbond's article to smear someone else's name. Their edit was not rejected immediately because I assumed good faith, when it was revealed from a simple Google search that the information presented was false, their edit was undone and they were banned.

I could provide even more examples, but I think you get the gist of what it is to be an administrator on Trollpedia, and in my case, not just an administrator, but also a bureaucrat.

The future of Trollpedia or how we will deal with vandalism from now on[edit source]

Our wiki gets over 100 visits per day according to MatomoAnalytics. For the best experience for both the visitors and the editors, Trollpedia will deal with vandalism more aggressively. With more upgrades to the abuse filter, it will be able to deal with vandalism and spam more efficiently while I can work on the wiki itself.

In the possible event that our website gets DDoSed, I will think about making more data dumps, so I can have a backup just in case.

Articles mentioned on this blog post (From the first appearance to the last appearance)[edit source]

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  2. Renfamous
  3. FuturisticHub
  4. CyberRobotnix
  5. Griffin Gaming
  6. PrettyUglyLittleLiars
  7. CatboyKami
  8. Blackbond

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