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The information available on Trollpedia is made available for educational purposes only.

We are in no way shape or form responsible for the actions of the visitors and the users on Trollpedia, though we do not condone bad behavior either, such as text aimed to be derogatory or offensive. Let Trollpedia knows if a user broke our guidelines.

As a wiki, we reserve the right to upload copyrighted material, according to fair use laws. Learn more.

We are not affiliated with Dreamworks®, nor any entity that uses the terminology "troll" in their media. Our wiki is about trolls, or internet trolls, that wreak havoc wherever they go on forums and/or social medias. "Troll" is not a trademarked terminology.

Most of the content on the website is safe to read for everyone. However, we do encourage discretion since not absolutely all the articles are safe to see.

The owner of this wiki reserves the right to discontinue briefly, or entirely shut down Trollpedia.