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Ambox important.svg You agree to this legal document whenever you browse the website.

Information we collect[edit source]

Trollpedia requires the following information for its proper functioning:

  • The IP of the visitors. It is queried each time they load a new webpage.
  • The IP address of its editors, including those with an account.
  • A revision history for each article which includes:
    • All contributions ever made to an article.
    • The text left with the revision.
    • The date when the revision was made.
    • Who made said contributions.
  • For users with an account: The username and optionally the email address associated with that account.
  • Cookies are used on the website to store information on your browser. This can include analytics, as well as session cookies.

All of the above information are available for public viewership, with the exception of:

  1. Each Visitor's IP address, which is only available to our shared hosting, Cloudflare and Trollpedia via Checkuser.
  2. The preferences which are mainly only visible to you.
  3. Signing up for an account allows you to hide your IP address from the public when you make an edit, alongside other benefits.
  4. Cookies, which are not available publicly for obvious reasons.

All the private information you give to Trollpedia will never be shared with third parties but will remain accessible by our shared hosting.

Following the creation of an account, should you change your mind and not wish to use our service(s) anymore, you may request for your account to be closed and all its associated data erased.

If you follow a link outside Trollpedia, Trollpedia is not responsible for any information being stolen from you or being used by third parties since we have no control over that. Be careful when you visit links shared across the website.