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This article is there to remind you of what you can or cannot do/write in an article.

It will serve as the basic rules when it comes to writing an article here.

Full list of rules[edit source]

You cannot do any of the things below. It may restrict your access on Trollpedia.

  1. Abuse the bullet listing - This is something I, the owner of this wiki, noticed with several wikis including, but not limited to: Crappy games wiki, Atrocious youtubers wiki and basically 60% of the wikis on What we mean by saying "do not abuse the bullet list", we simply mean that we prefer to have well-structured paragraphs to describe someone rather than "1. This guy is rude. 2. This guy told X person to commit suicide. 3. This guy is a troll." not only is it unprofessional, but it is also hurtful to the eyes. Use bullet listing exclusively if it's needed to make a listing, like on this page for example, although this appears more to be like a paragraph on its own right.
  2. Titles cannot contain some special characters - It can break the website because the URL and by extension the HTML on the articles use special characters to determine the formatting of the article (* turns the text following it into a bullet list, for example). All the following characters will automatically get your article deleted if they appear in your title: +¦@§°"*#%&¬|=´^`~[]{}<>\:.;,_¨?, etc. These characters don't cause any issue for Mediawiki, but they are banned anyway because they have no reason to be in a title: !£¢€$, etc (Learn more on unsafe characters in URLs) (Learn more on Mediawiki's markup). Emojis, Symbols, "Fancy" text, excessive combining marks and encoding characters are NOT allowed in titles (Learn more on unicode)! Slashes / are allowed only if they are following an existing article like this "Troll/AllTheTrolls", Mediawiki will automatically create a sub-page for the article, this can be useful if one article on a single troll is not enough (Learn more). Other characters like éäû are allowed in a title. Characters in a different writing style (The Cyrillic script, the Kanji script or the Arabic script for example) are allowed too, we don't consider them to be special characters (Warning! Any URL that is not in Latin script may reduce the likeliness of being indexed in certain search engines!). Numbers are not special characters and they have a reason to be in a title if needed, some users may have a string of numbers following their username (Using myself as an example: MarioSuperstar77). Hyphens -, parentheses () and ONE apostrophe ' are the only special characters allowed in a title, as they do not cause problems for the software and they do have a reason to be in a title if needed. If for whatever reason, a troll has a weird name that includes any special character or characters banned from Trollpedia, then exclude the character from the name or replace the character accordingly (Possible examples: [email protected]_ -> Heartl0lz; $$$MassiveD!ck$$$ -> MassiveDick; etc). Additionally, note that trolls with a name starting with a lowercase will automatically have the first character of their name turned into an uppercase. It is systematic on Mediawiki, so there is nothing that can be done about that (Example: youngdefiant -> Youngdefiant).
    • In all regards to Revisions/Summaries - The usage of emojis, "Fancy" text and excessive combining marks is forbidden within revisions and summaries too. Other strange characters that may break the formatting can't be in a summary nor a revision, why would you use these characters anyway?
  3. Use slurs or swears all the way through articles - We condemn the use of swears in our articles, it is both unnecessary and unprofessional. We, however, allow the use of familiar language and slangs, but we will not allow most swears in our articles unless it is either quoted or relevant to the article concerned (e.g: The troll said "Go fucking kill yourself!"; This troll likes to use the word "cunt" on a daily basis; etc). Exception: "Crappy" and "Shitty" are allowed to be used casually on any article, but then again don't fill up an entire article with those two words. Uncensored slurs such as the infamous "N-word" are allowed only in articles that are properly labeled as being NSFW to improve significantly the user experience of the readers who may not want to see said slurs at all. Note that it does not mean the slur cannot be on the article at all if it is missing the NSFW label, it can, but it must be censored or referred to as "ABC-word".
    • Adding the NSFW template just to bypass the above restriction on slurs is prohibited! An article must contain unsafe content to deserve to have the label added. For instance, if the troll uses a lot of insults whether it would slurs or swears, or the troll frequently posts nudes of themselves.
  4. Competency is required - If your article has a few orthographical/grammatical/punctuation issues, it's fine. We draw the line when an article is so poorly written to the point of illiteracy that it is becoming difficult and tiresome to read. We do not care if English is not your first language and we do not care that you have dyslexia or dysorthographia, everyone is treated equally on Trollpedia, regardless of their strengths and difficulties.
  5. Don't spread misinformation/defamation/misleading data - It should be obvious for everyone, but either be informed about the person you are writing about or don't write the article about said person at all. Anything that is left unsourced and is completely baseless (Unless, it is an observation. Preferably, add screenshots into your revision) will be removed from the article(s) concerned. Entire articles may be removed as well. If your troll does not have enough information leaked on the net or if you have not managed to gather enough informations about the troll you are writing about, you must not write an entire article about it that will inevitably end up being marked as a "Stub", you can, however, include the troll in the "Tiny trolls" sub article. You may use your own page (E.G User:MarioSuperstar77/Sandbox) to write articles if you want to gather information about a troll before posting it to the main site.
  6. Disrespect the structure of the article - You have a bit of freedom to where you separate each section. However, as a rule, it is mandatory to place the section "why is he/she/that a troll" on top of the article and the "related pages" at the bottom (if applicable), plus the "archives/sources" sections all the way down the article. Additionally, all those sections must appear on all written articles on trolls. The section "noteworthy facts"/"trivia" is optional, but when applicable, it must appear at the bottom of the page. All articles must have a header to give the reader an idea about the person concerned. Other sections such as "bio" can be placed anywhere on the page and can be outright removed from the article altogether. However, we recommend you to place "bio" right below "why is he/she/that a troll" to make sure the reader knows a little more about the person concerned before continuing reading the article.
  7. Avoid acronyms - Unless it is an acronym of a very long name from a troll (E.G Encyclopedia Dramatica -> ED). If you use an acronym for a very long troll name, then you must precise what does the acronym mean. You may create a redirect link on acronyms to prevent people from making additional articles on the same troll by mistake.
  8. Do not abuse pictures - It is not pretty to have an article that is cluttered with pictures. You must have fewer than 3 images per paragraph and, more specifically, exclusively use thumbnails. Only post images relevant to the article concerned! If you really have a lot of pictures that concern the troll, you may use a gallery to showcase them.
  9. No plagiarism - If you copy ANYTHING from ANY other wikis without crediting the wiki and instead claim you wrote that yourself (To be in accordance to most CC licenses), then you will straight up be permanently banned from using Trollpedia. Plagiarism is a crime you know.
    • Exception - You may copy any text coming from the public domain since no string is attached to the text, but copying paragraphs instead of writing the article yourself is still frowned upon.
  10. No DOXXING - The act of 'doxxing' is defined as the posting of someone's private information without their consent, this includes extremely personal information like names, unrelated friends and peers who are complete nobodies online (or have no online account for that matter), and more importantly, this includes the location where the person lives and/or goes to work (Note that you're allowed to say in which country the person lives or traveled to. If the person lives in the US, since it is big, you're also allowed to state in which county the person lives to be more specific). This rule, in particular, was set in place to prevent trolls from going on witch hunts and to prevent toxic people from attempting to stalk anyone mentioned on Trollpedia. Most images uploaded on the website must be stripped of their EXIF metadata, especially if that metadata is just a string of numbers like "1234567890" because of tools like this which would allow creeps to get their hands on more information than needed and doxx the person concerned (The only exception to that rule is the dpi and software metadata, as long as the EXIF data is not sketchy and does not appear to be usable for doxxing purposes, then you do not have to get rid of it). On that note, you're allowed to post links to websites that are doxx-happy and use them as sources like Kiwi Farms, however, the information contained within the URL itself must not contain private information as mentioned above. Breaking the rule leads to permanent bans, exceptions on the ban can be made if the trolls themselves doxxed someone else, in which case the article will simply be hidden and the user will receive a warning.
    • Expectation of privacy - Per the rule above, if someone has even once willfully shown their face online via any means, they consented to it and wanted people to see their face in which case a photograph of the troll concerned is allowed on Trollpedia, they are no longer entitled to an expectation of privacy regardless of whether they deleted all copies of said photograph later down the line or not. In other words, selfies are allowed to be showcased in a Biography. Photographs you took about someone without the person concerned knowing is considered doxxing and that is a bannable offense. Moreover, this ruling applies to birthdates, full names and titles if any.
    • Never allowed - Regardless of whether the person concerned shattered their expectation of privacy by posting content that they should not have (For example Jake Paul), you are never allowed to post any information that can lead to them being put in real danger, this includes the very exact location where they live as highlighted above, their phone number(s), their social security numbers and their credit card information just to name a few examples. TL;DR: NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION THAT CAN BE USED TO HARM THE PERSON CONCERNED IN REAL LIFE!
  11. No vandalism - Vandalism includes adding gibberish into pages, spamming the wiki by creating new pages with the intent to take room from the wiki, blanking existing pages or removing content from pages. Vandalism leads directly to permanent bans without any exception.
  12. Summaries must be concise and useful for the mod team - Summaries must not contain slurs and must be a summary of the editing done on the revision. Moderators are allowed to delete uninformative summaries and ban someone if that same someone is being rude or condescending. Revisions don't always need a summary, after all, they are only there to help the moderation team check your revision, besides that they're completely optional, so if you don't know what to put inside your summary, then leave it empty.
  13. This website is not a personal army - Do not make an article in an attempt to get us to witch hunt anybody, otherwise, you will be banned and your article will be deleted.
  14. No self-promotion - Trolls that try to promote themselves on the website will be banned and the article they made will be made ten times more negative than before. If the troll is irrelevant, the article may be deleted by a moderator too. If the individual concerned is not a troll, the above ban applies and the article will be deleted.

Things allowed[edit source]

  1. Most big wikis such as Wikipedia forbid the use of slashes within the text, we allow you to use slashes like this "X/X" instead of "X and X".
  2. You can make an article on anyone as long as that person is related to troll culture or is a troll themselves. We will not say anything as long as you can give a valid reason as to why this person is a troll or is closely related to troll culture.
  3. Feel free to create new templates and categories, nobody is gonna stop you. Just make sure the category does not already exist and please, do make a useful template, rather than a template that will practically never be used on Trollpedia or it might get deleted.

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