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Information icon with gradient background withalphachannel.svg If you have any issue on the website, make sure to use this article's talkpage to report your issue. Avoid posting the issue somewhere else, where that is not warranted!

If you came here, that must mean you are having an issue in some way with the wiki and wishes to understand why that is.

This article goes over most of the issues that we debugged on site

I am prevented from submitting my contribution[edit source]

I get a Mediawiki error that my revision contains words that are blacklisted[edit source]

That is caused by either the Abuse Filter or SpamBlacklist. We use both of these extensions to prevent spam, vandalism and other unwanted changes to the wiki.

If you ever get this sort of error, report that here, so we either change things up to fix the issue or grant you a special right to skip these checks (Only if you are a trustworthy contributor).

I got an error 403 or error 500 immediately after hitting the submit or preview button/I can't upload my file[edit source]

If you ever get an error like this, likely are the chances that you triggered a mod_security rule inadvertently. Mod_security is a firewall that prevents bad requests like spam and DoS attacks from reaching the website.

Please refer to this article for more information, especially those sections:

To modify mod_security, Trollpedia needs to have root access on the server which is not always the case and neither is it easy. If you get this issue, we recommend you to attempt to circumvent it by re-writing the problematic paragraph(s) until it goes through. If there are too many issues with the firewall, we may have to disable it on the server.

I can't sign up/log in[edit source]

You should receive instructions and what caused the issue to begin with if you get this sort of error, but currently, due to the setup of Trollpedia, you can get this error if you attempt to sign in while in an insecure connexion, if cookies are not properly set to accept them from Cloudflare (Or are completely blocked), or whenever the website is set to read-only mode. Moreover, you may be prevented from signing up due to TitleBlacklist or the Abuse Filter, but in most cases that is likely intended since they are meant to protect the site from vandals and spambots.

There are a dozen of reasons why you might not be able to log in, in which case you should let us know, so we can try to solve your issue. If, for whatever reason we can't, we can give you directions to sidestep the problem and use the wiki without any hassle.

Other issues may apply, read this article for more information.

Actual issues and bugs we are currently looking into[edit source]


This is for problems that actually impact the site's performances. These are really problematic and we are attempting our best to get them solved as soon as possible.

  1. Your secure connexion is not stable unless you have HTTPS Everywhere installed on your browser. This issue is complicated since our attempts at making it stable via a dozen or so methods caused errors on our site, preventing it from being accessible at all. This is partly due to Cloudflare's certificate conflicting with the server.
    • Mixed content: Not everything gets loaded in your browser, in fact, some of it is blocked.
  2. You can get logged off sporadically, we are currently attempting to solve this specific issue.
  3. Emails such as confirmation emails and password reset emails don't get sent. More about that here: Trollpedia's blog.
  4. Install RestBASE, so the Visual Editor is actually usable on the wiki. We had received reports that it does not work at all for some people.