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I have a youtube channel which I joined in 2013 and started making rant videos in 2014, they have aged badly and are not good,so I deleted or privated them. I am usually friendly towards everyone who is friendly towards me.

I felt to contribute to this wikia because of my past encounter with internet trolls and bullies alike. I found out internet trolls are some of the most destructive mentalities on the internet, and eat you up on the inside because of their sadistic psychological torment, pathological lying and manipulation.

My backup channel that I started in 2013 was false flagged and terminated by an internet troll who I had a feud with for months and months which extended to 2 years. I used to think trolls are usually just "assholes on the internet" and think by responding to them will help, but will only make the situation worse for me and everybody around me.

I am open to having friends on both sides of the political spectrum, as long as they are not elitist and extremist, same for protestant religious or militant atheistic people. Narcissism is one of the most toxic and destructive mentalities in real life, same with trolls on the internet. Read this:

Trolls are not just your average spamming in the comments trying to piss you off, it is MUCH deeper than that.

The stories I hear of internet trolls and how they behave towards others, how callous and malicious they are, whether by exploitation, blackmail, driving someone to suicide, swatting (potentially putting someones life at risk) or doxxing, is disgusting, and makes me physically sick to my stomach, makes me feel empathy for the people I don't even like who are targets of trolls themselves. In a much similar manner of how unremorseful serial killers are to the reckless behavior and killings they did, internet trolls do not show empathy or remorse for any of the damaging actions they do. By using acts of provocation, in order to get what they want, an emotional reaction.

The other internet trolls or defenders (white-knights) of trolls who try to defend this are blind to reality, and have no clue what they are actually talking about, and do not even understand the concept of trolling in the first place. It is advised not to interact with these people as they are delusional, or potential trolls themselves.

All I want is for the American public to get along, but that is very likely not happening anytime soon with our political climate, and divisive nature.